Fly Away

Children fly away with wings of strength when designed in a home of love.

Fly little bird, fly away, you are fresh and new and young.

Spread the joy and hope of life, and leave no song unsung.

Fly little bird, fly away...but carry the love and care

shared with you in the humble nest...reflect it everywhere.

Sandra M. Haight©

She Looks Up To Me

She looks up to me, Lord,

So I look up to You;

This precious child is watching

All I say and do.

May all my words and deeds

To Your Holy Word be true;

May all she sees in me

Be a clear reflection of You.

She means the world to me,

And I know You love her too;

She looks up to me, Lord,

So I look up to You.

J M McIntosh © 2000

Precious Creation Of Beauty!

When parents see their daughter grow... with smiles upon her face

And beauty there, for all to know... they think, 'Amazing grace!'

Because her smiles bless those nearby... her smiles none should replace,

For none could beat these should they try... so God bless hers always...

When parents see their daughter trust what Jesus has to share,

Recalling all that Christ discussed... and knows Christ hears each prayer,

They sense that Jesus saved her, too... that now she's in His care,

As if the Lord says, 'I LOVE YOU... WITH LOVE BEYOND COMPARE!'

When parents cherish all God gives... through beauty and through faith,

Believing that Lord Jesus lives... and that He's strong to save,

They praise the Lord, for He's sublime... in all good things He's shown...

To bless their daughter all the time... with beauty of His own...

Denis Martindale © 2018

A Mother's Prayer

Lord, give me strength just for today

To lead my children in your way;

Oh, give me wisdom, Lord, and grace

To show to them your precious face!

And help me, Lord, to teach them, too,

The things of Christ so rich and true,

Just let them see in me, dear Lord,

Your holiness in life and word.

Keep me from sinning with my tongue,

From harsh, quick words that might have stung

Their tender hearts that trust me so

And watch to see which way I go.

Dear Father, keep my thoughts so pure

That they will always know for sure

My Lord has lead me all the way,

Lord, grant my prayer just for today.


Little Children

Listen little children and lend an ear

The Lord is with you and ever so near

He is watching you from Heaven above

And His gift to you is everlasting love

It doesn't matter who you are

Or what you look like or what you do

You are God's beautiful little flowers

Budding and blooming, sweet and true

All little children are without sin

Whether they be a little girl or boy

They are sunshine without an end

And every parent's pride and joy

Ellen Bailey ©

Ways to Love a Child

Give your presence more than your presents.

Laugh, dance and sing together. Listen from a heart-space.

Encourage. Understand. Allow them to love themselves.

Say yes as often as possible. Say no when necessary.

Honor their no's. Apologize. Touch gently.

Build lots of blanket forts. Open up.

Fly kites together. Lighten up. Believe in possibilities.

Read books out loud. Create a circle of quiet. Teach feelings.

Share your dreams. Walk in the rain.

Celebrate mistakes. Admit yours.

Frame their artwork. Stay up late sometimes together.

Eliminate comparison. Delight in silliness. Handle with care.

Protect them. Cherish their innocence. Giggle. Speak kindly.

Go swimming. Splash. Let them help. Let them cry.

Don't hide your tears. Brag about them. Answer their questions.

Let them go when it's time. Let them come back.

Show compassion. Bend down to talk to children.

Smile even when you're tired. Surprise with a special lunch.

Don't judge their friends. Give them enough room to make decisions.

Love all they do. Honor their differences. Respect them.

Remember they have not been on earth very long like you.

Author Unknown

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